Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Cimex

How To Get The Best Results With Your Cimex

If you’ve ever wondered what’s the best way to clean commercial carpet with a Cimex, this blog post and video should be able to give you some help. If you’re just starting out, or would like to get your encap dialed in, this article and video is for you.

The Cimex / Releasit system is unmatched for commercial carpet cleaning

The Cimex / Releasit system has proven to be extremely popular for commercial carpet cleaning. At Excellent Supply we’ve sold thousands of Cimex machines and we always hear raving comments about how the Cimex & Releasit has opened doors for cleaners. Carpets are easier to maintain and stay clean longer. Operating costs are extremely low. And profits are high!

Planetary Heads | Agitation

The Cimex is a planetary machine. It has 3 heads spinning at 400 rpm. The planetary action means that the 3 drivers spin in one direction, while the drive deck revolves in the opposite direction. So you’re actually brushing the carpet right and left simultaneously. By safely agitating the pile in both directions at the same time, you’re actually hitting the carpet from all sides. This produces highly effective carpet cleaning agitation.

Planetary Heads | Safety

With its planetary action, the Cimex doesn’t produce side-to-side torque like a typical scrubber produces. A normal rotary swing machine can be a hazard to work with especially for newer technicians. By comparison, the Cimex has a minimal learning curve. If a technician is capable of walking in a straight line they can run a Cimex.

Planetary Heads | Carpet

The Cimex also safe for the carpet. With its planetary dual-direction agitation there’s very little chance of ever damaging a carpet. Whereas a rotary machine can distort carpet pile, a Cimex gently produces superior agitation. Again, the trick is in the planetary action. Rather than possibly unwinding a carpet pile like a rotary machine can, the Cimex’s planetary heads prevent damage.

How To you Clean Like a Pro With a Cimex

We sometimes hear people say they tried encap but weren’t impressed. In exploring what went wrong, we typically learn they either didn’t have a good understanding of how to properly perform the encap process, or they used am inadequate encap detergent. If you’d like to get the best results with encap, we highly recommend starting with a good encap detergent. The Cimex performs well with Releasit and FiberPlus pads. You can try other encap products, in fact we welcome comparison, but you may honestly experience less than optimum results.

Cimex Encap Cleaning Process

  • Pre-vacuum thoroughly
  • Mix Releasit as directed on the label
  • Apply FiberPlus pads to the Cimex
  • Scrub with overlapping passes
  • Make a wet-pass & dry-pass
  • AVOID over-wetting the carpet “feather” the solution trigger

“As you get your Cimex dance moves down,  you’ll quickly find she’s a fine dance partner”

Watch this short video to get an overview of how to clean like a pro with the Cimex / Releasit encap system: